Sk8ter Guy

Matt Groathouse aka. Skater Guy has been a cultural icon on the University of Wyoming campus, he has been skating around in his brightly colored clothing for around two decades. We decided to do our final video feature on skater guy because of his ability to captivate and entertain the people who pass by. After a stressful day of classes seeing Skater Guy doing his thing in front of the Union is a breath of fresh air. The first thing you learn about Matt when you start talking to him is the joy that he gets from skateboarding and the amount of fun he has is contagious. Filming with him was a pleasure, to say the least.

His energy and enthusiasm came through on camera and even though we only spent a few hours getting footage and talking with him I felt like I was able to get to know him pretty well. With that said, the hardest part of any video project is getting the right shots, it is hard to know how successful you were until you get the footage onto a computer. Skater Guy is a fairly busy guy and we were lucky to get him for the time that we did but it would have been nice to go out and do another round of shooting.

I think that video is a strong storytelling device, it blends together all the elements that we used in class this semester which I really enjoyed. I do think that video is something that I will use in the future, it has never been my primary focus but I attempt to use it whenever I can, you could say that it is more of a hobby than a profession. But videos are becoming more and more sought after in the journalism/ communication industry and having some skills will definitly come in handy in the future.


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