Louie at Time Square

Louie is a self-proclaimed test tube baby Jesus who is from Cuba. I asked him to tell me a story and he went on to explain his entire life story in a third person narrative as he sees it. The full conversation is around 20 minutes long he is hard to understand at points but a careful listen will bring to bare a story that is truly tragic. When he decided to come down from heaven after learning that he wasn’t Jesus, Louie began using drugs, his family rejected him and now he wonders around Manhattan asking for money to support his habit. What I gathered from him is that he has many regrets and feels that there is no way out of his situation, without any place to go at night one of his biggest concerns on a day to day basis is trying to find a warm place to sleep and some food to eat. He does not know where to turn to for help and feels that drugs are the only comfort that he gets. There was a moment that I realized there was no way for me to help Louie out of his situation, the reality was for him that there was no way that anybody could help. Towards the end of the conversation, he explained to me how he is just waiting for his time here to end so he can go back into heaven and apologize to Jesus for trying to take his place and ask for salvation.


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