Places and Faces

Photo 1

This picture is taken from mid-mountain at Teton Village Ski Resort in Jackson Hole, I work as a snowcat operator which involves staying up late and preparing the ski runs for the day to come. I took this picture around 10 p.m. from a location where I like to take breaks. I did not often bring my camera with me to work but thought about all the missed photographic opportunities and decided that I should bring it to capture this beautiful vista. I learned that taking in single digit weather is really difficult and I was not able to stay out long.  

Photo 2

This is Rebekah Elizabeth Westrup she is an American Art History major and focuses on LDS folk art. I found that her work was really interesting and while we were taking the set of pictures we got into a discussion about how America’s identity has been formed through literature and art. There is no question that this is a portrait through and through. I wanted to use the natural light from the window to help illuminate her and add separation from the background. I learned that sometimes it can be hard to make your subject comfortable enough to trust a stranger to take pictures.     

Photo 3
Photo 4

These two pictures were taken at a concert in the Student Union, the band’s name is Dirty Revival. I would put this set of pictures into the feature category because it is showcasing an event that happened and otherwise would not have had and newsworthiness. I have always loved taking pictures at concerts mostly because of the lighting and the expression that the band and the audience members have. I was trying to contrast the audience perspective from the performers; though I wish that I could have gotten on stage to shoot the audience directly I was not able to. Though, I think that the amount of expression in picture 3 shows the energy of the crowd; I chose to put into black and white because the color did not add to the picture in any meaningful way. Conversely, I think that the color in picture 4 adds a tremendous amount feeling to an already expressive picture of the artist performing.

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