The Anecdotal Path

We all have a story about how we got where we are today, for most building a narrative not only serves as a way not only to explain to others how we got to where we are but also a way to reconcile our lived experience with ourselves. Stories of any kind are how we as a society of humans have always acquiesced our shared history; weather of warnings or of celebration, we share knowledge and wisdom using stories as naturally as we speak the words of which they are composed.


This idea has always intrigued me and from a young age, I have always enjoyed listening to other people’s stories. That fascination is still with me today and is what has guided me down the path that has led me to where I am. My interest and ambitions have been driven by good storytelling and compelling narratives of all sorts, it could be an ambitious plot in a sci-fi book or podcast about an eccentric man living in rural Alabama; these stories and much more are what keep me driven continue to down this anecdotal path.


There is a saying that I don’t know who to attribute to that goes, the more you learn the less you know, this mantra of sorts has taken on new significance in my life in the past few years has my horizons have expanded. Higher education has only served to show me that I don’t know as much as I thought (and I’ve never thought of myself as that smart). I digress, the main focus of this blog is the celebration of storytelling and power that it has when done correctly. When it has matured, the blog its self will be a story, a chronicle of experience that I have yet to gather.

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